Bullfrog Spa Rebates

Great Bullfrog Spa Rebates

Getting a Bullfrog spa is a wonderful thing. Getting them for less is even better. That’s exactly what we’re offering at California Hot Tubs. We have some truly fantastic Bullfrog spa rebates available. We also have some great promotional discounts available, too. For example, you can get a Bullfrog spa for $600 until December 8th. Even after Dec. 8th, you can save $700 to $1300 off of Bullfrog floor models. There’s no better time of year to get an awesome Bullfrog spa. Here in southern California, you don’t have to wait till the summer comes along to enjoy it, either. In this blog, we’ll go over some top-notch Bullfrog Spas.

STIL Bullfrog Spa Rebates

The Bullfrog STIL is, well, still perhaps the APEX of the Bullfrog spa line. These are among the most modern of all of Bullfrog’s designs. Despite being modern and having all of the advancements of cutting edge tech, they also maintain an elegance as well. There’s a luxury to these hot tubs. When people think of a hot tub, the word “luxury” comes to mind. After all, that’s what hot tubs have been associated with for so long. These hot tubs truly live up to that. The STIL models set a new, higher standard for what a hot tub can be. It’s important to note that this rebate is good through December 8th. It’s worth up to $600. You can add that to the $700 to $1300 you save by buying hot tubs here already. You can apply this rebate to any 2018 or 2019 hot tub, but all of the 2019 editions will have a cost increase of 3%.

STIL Designs

It’s important to point out that these hot tubs are manufactured here in the United States. Yes, they are designed in Italy, but they’re built right here in America by Americans. One thing we can say: after people have seen these hot tubs on our showroom floor, they’re not surprised to hear that it won the IF Design Award for excellence in product design. There are two lounge seats in these hot tubs. However, when you’re in these hot tubs, you sure aren’t limited to just sitting in those two seats. In fact, you have all the freedom. You can sit in those seats, you can make them upright, you can relax them backward, you can do whatever you’d like. That’s what the design of these hot tubs does: it puts you in control.

Bullfrog Spa Rebates


There’s nothing fun, relaxing or luxurious about being in a spa with dirty or unclean water. We understand that. That’s why Bullfrog wanted to make sure that people got the cleanest water possible. That’s why they put a large dual filter system for the best, most maximum filtration in a STIL spa. That’s called the “WellSpring Water Care” system. It makes sure that the water is clean. It does that in a very comprehensive way: 100% of the water passes through the filters during each and every filtration cycle. To be perfectly clear, 85% of the water does not pass through the filters. “Most of the water” does not go through the filters – 100% of the water does. All of it. That’s just one way that WellSpring ensures that your water is clear.

Powerful Circulation Jets

The above paragraph just deals with how the water in a Bullfrog STIL is filtered. The water still has to be cleaned. So, to make sure that all of the water is clean, strong circulation jets make their presence known. The turn water over at a high rate. How high is the rate? This rate is actually 10 times higher than the accepted industry standard. That ensures you have the cleanest water going. In fact, it sets a new, higher industry standard – just one more area where the Bullfrog STIL does exactly that. When you, your family, friends or guests sit down in your hot tub, you deserve to have crystal clear water. The circulation jets make certain that’s the case.

The circulation jets aren’t the only way that the STIL uses jets to separate itself from the rest. There’s nothing in the industry like the JetPak Therapy System. What makes it so unique is that it provides a genuinely personalized spa experience. You can set everything to your exact specifications. In a very real, tangible way, you can make this spa conform to your exact, personal needs. To make it even more extraordinary, this spa does it in such a way that makes the entire spa sleeker. The piping that makes the JetPak possible actually eliminates 90% of the piping normally associated with spa. So, you get so much more for so much less.

Speaking of “more for less,” using a rebate for a Bullfrog spa is a great way to save money on these spas. This is the time to buy these, too: the deals on the 2018 spas have never been better. The 2019 spas will be here soon, so the 2018 spas are being offered for their best price. So long as you remember to send the rebate in, you’ll get the absolute deal of a lifetime on a fantastic spa. To learn more, give us a call at (310) 392-3063 or head to our site.