Hot Tubs and Spas for Sale in Los Angeles


There are many places to get hot tubs in Los Angeles. That being said, it’s not easy to find the best kinds of tubs. While Southern California has so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find tubs that truly fit your needs. That’s what sets California Hot Tubs of Santa Monica apart. They’re the oldest spa and tub dealer in Los Angeles for many reasons. Since they’ve been in the spa business since the middle of the 1980’s, they have plenty of experience in finding the right kinds of spas for their customers. If you’ve been looking for a high quality spa, your search is over.

California Hot Tubs, Inc. Personalization

Everyone wants a spa. Laying back in one can be the right mix of luxurious and relaxing. With that said, not everyone knows exactly what they want in a spa. You can do a lot of research, but a spa is a very big purchase. It helps to have professionals there to guide you through the process so that you get something that fulfills all of your dreams. The pros here love sitting down with customers to assist them in getting the kinds of spas that they’ve always wanted.

Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

Imagine having a spa that’s made exactly for you. One that meets all of your physical needs, one that’s exactly in your price-range – indeed, one that was put together just so you could enjoy it the most. That’s exactly what California Hot Tubs of Santa Monica does with every single tub and spa they sell. Each is personalized specifically for the customer, meeting all of their needs. The customer is involved every step of the way, so that the hot tub becomes something they’re glad to have every day.

Spa Customer Service

A hot tub isn’t like a car, so they shouldn’t be sold like that. Everyone here takes pride in customer service. There are plenty of great hot tub spas for sale, but there are no commissioned sales representatives. That means that no one is trying to pressure you into buying some kind of tub so that they can make their commission. That means that all of the prices are low. Beyond that, there’s no high pressure, high stakes sales tactics either. You’re buying a spa to relax; so the process in buying one should be relaxing, too.

Best Spa Selection

California Hot Tubs has so many great spas to choose from. We introduced Coleman and other hot tub spas to the Los Angeles market. In summary, bringing those legendary brands to the Southern California area. California Hot Tubs and Spas is one of those companies that have made such a great product for so long; their company name is literally synonymous with the product. They’re what plenty of people think of when they think of spas and the like. When you come by, you’ll see exactly why these products have been so popular for so long.

Beyond that, though, there are plenty of products that are wonderful in addition to hot tub spa. “Viking Spas,” for example, earn their name as they are built strong, sturdy and tough. The Vikings understood how to use the water to their advantage, and these spas reflect that. Renown for having the best warranty in the spa industry, they still maintain a low price. That way, whoever wants a Viking Spa can get one and then enjoy it for a very long period of time.

When it comes to sheer quality, nothing beats a Bullfrog Spa. Recently, they’ve been the best selling brand of spas. What sets them apart is an attention to craftsmanship. They have something unique to offer everyone. For those who treasure a spa that lasts, Bullfrog has incredibly well made and durable frames. For those who want water therapy, the “JetPak Therapy System” allows you to target a water massage with essentially laser-like precision. All of this, of course, is backed by the low Bullfrog Spa price.

For some, it’s important to have spas that look great. While all of the spa products here look great in their own way, Roberts Wood Tubs stand out. We recently introduce Viking Spas and Roberts Wood Tubs. With classic red cedar, teak or yellow cedar colors, a wood hot tub always looks like the epitome of luxury and elegance. While it’s natural to think of a wood tub as being weak, these wood tubs are anything but. They’re built out of a very strong thickness, so that they’re among some of the most durable spas on the market today.

In addition to offering some of the best spas around, there’s also a great selection of hot tub products available. Everything you could want in connection to a hot tub can be purchased here. For example, maintenance with your spa is easy with all of the products available. Chemicals and filters are on sale to allow you to keep your spa in its best shape. You buy one of these so it will last a long period of time. Having the right accessories ensures that happens. A cover can keep your hot tub clean no matter what happens. Fun toys allow you, your family and friends to get the most out of their spa experience.


Outdoor Hot Tub Spas for Sale all over Southern Califonia

For plenty of people, the main things they’re looking for from outdoor spas are great parties. They want to be the place where everyone meets up, and a spa can be the absolute centerpiece of that. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to the home of someone with a hot tub? That’s why there are plenty of accessories available that make the party better. For example, the “Floating Waterproof Speaker” means that the music can come into the water, too. Your jukebox can float alongside you. Cloud Control gives you even more control of the spa, as you can control all of the settings, like the pumps or the heat from your phone.

What Spas Can Do

After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like getting into a hot tub. It’s one of the most luxurious and relaxing feelings there is. All of your cares, all of your worries, concerns, doubts and fears, simply… wash away, in the soothing burble of the water’s jets. In fact, a spa is one of the very few things that is great for both a raucous party as well as a quiet night under the stars. Nothing beats laying back in a hot tub and feeling the day drip away. The only thing that might is being in the hot tub with others.

There are plenty of other benefits to sitting in a hot tub spa. Studies have shown that it can actually make it possible for you to sleep more soundly. Letting go of your worries before you get into your bed can make it easier to sleep. Beyond that, it can even make it possible for you to sleep more fully and completely, so that you wake up refresh. A hot tub can benefit your life in a lot of ways, from the moment you get into it to even long after.

A Hot Tub for Everyone

At California Hot Tubs, there’s a belief that everyone who wants a hot tub should have one. That’s why they offer so many different spas at different price points. For example, the Bullfrog “A” Series is the top of the line, premium hot tub. It’s elegant and streamlined, the ultimate spa. By that same token, the “X” and “R” series from Bullfrog offer all the great Bullfrog quality that the customers expect at a lower price point. That way, more people can enjoy the greatness of these spas. If you have any questions about any of these hot tub spa products, there’s someone waiting to take your call at (310)392-3063. You can also go to the site to learn more about the best California Hot Tubs.