What is the difference in hot tub jets?

Some hot tubs have very similar jets throughout the spa and some brands give a variety of feels such as Viking Spas.  The Bullfrog spas are unique in that you can choose the jets you like and in what seat location you desire.  The jets are a combination of water and air, that is what creates the hydrotherapy.   If you call to set an appointment you are welcome it come into our showroom and wet test the various jet pack options.

What’s involved in the installation of a hot tub?

The plumping of the spa is very straight forward as you will just fill and empty most spas with a hose.  If the spa your purchase has a sealed bottom typically the spa is placed on concrete, pavers, pea gravel, and more. The electric for smaller tubs can be 110 or 220 volts.  Typically the 110 spa just plugs into an existing outlet.  The 220 volts depending on the home may need a new or updated electrical panel and wiring to the spa.

The advantage of the 220 volts is the jets are stronger and when you run 110-volt spa the jest at the highest speed it will turn off the heater.

What about repairs and maintenance?

Yes! We provide top-notch tech service (please see reviews on Yelp and Google) and can help you with your maintenance and repairs. Many of the repairs are covered under warranty by the manufacturer.

How difficult is it to install a hot tub?

Many people are surprised to learn just how simple the hot tub installation process is. You need to have a proper foundation, such as a concrete slab, patio, pavers, or pea gravel. You can also use a pre-made spa pad.  You will also need proper electrical wiring that any licensed electrician can or one of our recommended electricians can do for you.

Some of the smaller spas can simply plug into a 110-volt outlet like a vacuum cleaner and some spas will require 220 volts.

Will you be able to deliver the hot tub to my home?

Yes, Your gate, doorways need to be at least an inch wider than the height of your spa. We can maneuver grass and gravel and go downstairs. However, if you’d like your spa somewhere that has stairs going up or doorway that isn’t wide enough to fit your spa, we’d have to use a crane to deliver your hot tub.  Cranes cost less than most people think as most of the customer can use the smaller crane that cost only $350.00

What electrical components are required?

All of our 220/240 volt spas need 50 amps of electrical from the main house breaker. The 110/120 volt spas need a dedicated 15 amp line from the main breaker. Some of the brands we carry require a subpanel in between the main breaker and the spa. Some hot tubs are “plug and play” and can be plugged into a standard outlet. Although this is a quick solution, they must be smaller than other tubs because they run on less power. Each brand is a little bit different, so we will be able to guide you to find a spa compatible with your home

What is the difference between a 110V or 240V spa?

The main difference in the electrical options for spas is their capabilities. A hot tub with 240V will be able to run the heater and the jets at high speed, whereas a 110V only can run both at low speed.  Also depending on the brand, but the jets on a 110V might be 1/3 to 1/2 as powerful as a 240V. If you’re using a small hot tub for yourself or one other person.

Can these spas be put in-ground? What is the process?

Yes. In order to do that, you need to build a vault around the spa, leaving an additional 2 to 3 feet on the equipment side for service access. For example, for a 6-foot by 6-foot spa, you would need to make a vault that is 6-feet by 9-feet. Next, you would create a trap door on whatever side the equipment compartment would be on so a technician can access it. You also need to put in a sub-pump in case of water getting down in the vault from rain or any spa leak.

The downside to putting a spa in-ground and the main reason we do not recommend it is, if there is ever a leak coming from any part of the spa other than the front equipment compartment, it is much more difficult to repair. In order to fix it, the spa would have to be lifted out of the vault, at the cost of the customer, even if it’s under warranty.