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What are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?


Creating the experience of a natural mineral spring on your property has never been easier. You can soak in your saltwater hot tub and experience the advantages of natural spring water in your own backyard.  Salt water hot tubs are simple too – you will spend less time caring for them and more time reaping the benefits.

Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs: Gentle on the skin and eyes

The chlorine and other harsh chemicals needed to sanitize ordinary hot water tubs can leave the skin dry, irritated, cracked and itchy. Salt softens the feel of the water and is gentle on your eyes and skin. Salt water has rejuvenating and exfoliating qualities, rather than a harsh effect on the skin. This is why salt is often found in skincare products.

No Strong Chlorine Smell

The release of chlorine from the salt water system is minimal, unlike in tubs where a strong smell of chlorine exists and detracts from the natural nature of the experience.


Efficient salt water hot tub systems don’t use much salt. You won’t even be able to taste it, and it’s safer for the environment. You will not need to change the water as often, so water usage is less.


Salt water hot tubs are easy to maintain. Small amounts of natural chlorine molecules are produced in a chemical reaction and contaminants are dealt with before the molecules are recycled back into the system as sodium. With a salt water system, you don’t have to keep adding chlorine or other chemicals. Some advanced hot tubs even allow you to monitor sanitization with an intuitive control panel.

Only needing to change the water about once a year means less time is wasted and because you don’t need to keep adding chemicals, you will also save money.


The water is kept consistently clean and clear. It is safe for you and your family, and you’ll have less chance of skin and eye irritation. A saltwater hot tub brings mineralized heat therapy to you – this enables you to relax your muscles after your workout.

It also helps the joints because it provides an almost weightless environment that relieves pressure on them as well as offering relief of pain.  The combination of the hot water and salt is very therapeutic and can also be a great way to reduce any swelling. Heat opens up the pores, and the salt draws the fluid from the skin.

Technology improves constantly

Saltwater sanitation systems are improving all the time. They are now able to deliver oxygen that interacts with the salt to create just enough chlorine. Carbon dioxide and water are the byproducts.

Without a salt water hot tub, the quality of your water may be questionable, and you’ll be subjecting your skin to early aging by exposing it to harsh chemicals. Salt water hot tubs offer superior water quality and create minimal demands on energy and time.  They enhance your health and quality of life, offer relaxation to reduce stress and are easy to maintain.

25 Jun What are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?