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These Health Benefits Of Spa Soaks Will Have You Ready To Shop


Everyone knows that soaking in a hot tub and spa can be relaxing, but plenty of things can help you feel relaxed without doing much to improve your health–for instance, drinking and smoking.  If you’re like many people, you worry that your favorite activities might not be good for you.  Well, don’t let that fear keep you from looking at all the hot tubs for sale has to offer.  There’s good news: if your doctor has given you the all-clear, taking a relaxing spa soaks can actually improve your health!

Sleep Easy

Did you know that hot tub use can help you fall asleep later?  The vasodilation and powerful relaxation response of hydrotherapy can help to ease tired, sore muscles, and the warmth makes many people feel sleepy.  If you’re chronically cold or have a difficult time slipping off to sleep every night, consider regular hot tub use as part of your strategy to get more shuteye.  In turn, more sleep has been shown to improve your immune system functioning, boost problem-solving ability, and even improve your relationships.


The best-known health benefit of hot tubs and spas is one that most people might not think of as having to deal with their health at all: stress relief.  While relaxing in a spa feels good, it also actually does good for your body.  Chronic, unrelenting stress can cause or exacerbate a number of illnesses, including insomnia, high blood pressure, tooth grinding, weight gain, and muscle aches and pains.

Relieve Pain

What if you’ve already got aches and pains?  You probably know that heat can sometimes be a very effective means of pain relief.  If you suffer from arthritis, chronic muscle pain, or other pain disorders, heat and hydrotherapy are useful to combat stiffness and increase circulation.  Many people, who can’t tolerate doing range of motion exercises normally, find that they can do modified versions in the hot tub with less discomfort.  Check with your doctor: a hot tub might be a valuable addition to your treatment modality.

Get Back In The Game

But spas aren’t only good for those with chronic illness or chronic stress.  Sports fanatics often find themselves nursing an injury, anxious to heal and get back to playing.  This is where a hot tub’s circulation-encouraging warmth is again useful.  Increased circulation means increased healing.  Once again, check with your doctor, but if you’ve got medical clearance, many find that regular soaking in a hot tub enables them to keep playing the game that they love.

Remember, relaxation and healing enable you to have the strength to push ahead to your next adventure.  Why try to tackle your life stiff, sore, and cold?  A hot tub is an investment in your productivity and happiness.  Why wait?  Give us a call and let us get you on the road to health and well-being today.


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