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Keep Your Skin Looking Great While Soaking


Worried that regular hot-tub use will leave you with dry, itchy skin?  There’s no need to let that fear keep you from enjoying all the hot tubs for sale has to offer.  By following a few simple guidelines, you can gain all the health and wellness benefits of a relaxing soak without sacrificing the health of your skin.  Here’s a few tips to ensure that your skin stays youthful-looking, supple, and feeling great.

  1. Take Care Of Your Hot Tub

You know that maintaining the cleanliness and water pH of your hot tub is important to preserve the equipment, but the ultimate reason to maintain the water quality in your spa is you.  Consult the guidelines for your make and model of spa to discover which pH is appropriate for your unit, and be meticulous in maintaining the chlorine and pH levels appropriately.  Some users like to use a spa water conditioner, which can stabilize the pH and soften the water, for healthier skin.

  1. Check The Temperature

To protect your skin, a water temperature of about 100F is ideal.  Temps higher than about 104F will cause skin drying, so check the water in your hot tub or spa regularly.  Ideally, you should use a second, hand-held thermometer to ensure that your thermostat is giving you an accurate reading.

  1. Take Breaks

While soaking is incredibly relaxing, it’s important to take breaks every 10-20 minutes to allow your skin to cool off and prevent the drying effect of hot water.  Remember, as well, to stay hydrated while you’re enjoying your spa, which can keep your skin looking great from the inside out.

  1. Clean Off The Chlorine

When you’re finished with your hot tub session, remember to get out of your swimsuit and take a shower as soon as possible to remove any lingering chlorine, which can dry your skin.  (Most people find a lukewarm shower temperature most comfortable.)  Once the pool chemicals are removed from your skin, you may want to apply a luxurious moisturizer.

A hot tub or spa can add an element of luxury and peace to your daily life.  By remembering these skin care tips, you can ensure that not only will you feel good after your spa session, but you’ll look amazing too!


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