Bullfrog Hot Tub & Spa Advantages

California Hot Tubs of Santa Monica has some of the absolute best hot tubs and spas anywhere. They only offer the top of the line products from the best brand names. Of course, that definitely includes Bullfrog. Bullfrog makes some of the best hot tubs in the world. Even better, they make them at different price points. That means, whoever wants to enjoy Bullfrog hot tubs can do so. California Hot Tubs of Santa Monica is a great Bullfrog dealer, who can get you a good deal on an incredible hot tub.

Tremendous Bullfrog hot tubs and spas

Everyone wants a hot tubs and spa. They can be relaxing. They can be fun. They’re one of the few things that is both exciting with a large group of people at a wild party and yet utterly calming and serene when used by one person. Bullfrog makes some of the best hot tubs around, and that’s for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that Bullfrog hot tubs are built to be energy efficient. That’s especially true should you buy a Bullfrog with their patented JetPak Therapy System. Those hot tubs are specifically built to use 90% less plumbing than other hot tubs and spa products on the market. So, you save money on your energy bill while taxing the environment less. That’s a genuine win-win.

That’s not the only way that Bullfrog hot tubs and spas help the environment, though. Each Bullfrog either meets or exceeds the energy guidelines of the California Energy Commission (CEC). As you might imagine, the energy standards of the CEC are quite stringent. The way that Bullfrog hot tubs does so is interesting: they have what’s called a “full-foam design.” What that does is insulate the spa completely. It doesn’t insulate the spa “kind of,” or “a little bit,” it insulates the spa completely. So, it keeps the heat from escaping. That way, the hot tubs and spa uses less energy while keeping your tub at the right temperature.

When someone hears “full-foam,” they tend not to think “energy efficient.” However, that’s exactly what this Bullfrog hot tubs and spa line is. The foam these full-foam spas are made of is made to be ultra energy efficient. It’s put throughout the spa’s interior. That way, it locks in even more heat from escaping. If you’re wondering why what’s so energy efficient about a hot tub that traps in heat, consider a regular hot tub. They don’t have that insulation, so the heat escapes. You expect and deserve a hot tub that’s actually hot, so you use more energy. In turn, higher energy bill on the hot tubs and spa. These keep that from happening.

EnduraFrame Hot Tubs

Every Bullfrog hot tubs and spa is built with the best materials. That way, you’re getting the most hot tub for your buck. The patented and incredibly unique “EnduraFrame” support structure, a part of each Bulldog spa, shows this off. There’s no wood or metal in this ABS spa frame. So, that means that it won’t ever corrode or rot. It won’t wear down like spas made from those materials would. It will last longer and look better while doing so. If you think about it, a hot tubs and spa has to support thousands of pounds of water. That’s not even including any people that get into them. They have to be built tough and durable.

A keen eye for durability permeates through every aspect of a Bullfrog hot tubs and spa frame. There’s a reason that Bullfrog put the prefix “Endura” on everything made into their frames: because these hot tubs have plenty of endurance. To that end, “EnduraFrame” components are aligned precisely with the “EnduraBeam” structural columns as well as the molded ABS “EnduraBase.” When you get one of these hot tubs, the last thing you’re going to have to worry about is the endurance of your hot tub. They were made to pass the test of time and then go far beyond.

Everything in the Bullfrog hot tubs and spa is made to a high level of precision. That way, each spa is something unique and dynamic; offering their users an incredible hot tub experience. In turns, this elevates the Bullfrog above other kinds of hot tubs. For example, many hot tubs use traditional wood materials in the base, shell and the like. Bullfrog’s EnduraFrame has injection-molded Z-beams which connect the base, shell and EternaWood cabinet powerfully. They last longer than any metal or wood frame can, and their precision building eliminates any potential of human error in the fitting or cutting of wood parts. These truly are the hot tubs of the future, only they’re here today at California Hot Tubs.

Some of the most important parts of the hot tubs and spa are the parts you don’t see. Bullfrog spas are no different. The EnduraBase isn’t just made to be strong and sturdy; it’s made to be easier for you, the hot tub owner to manage. For example, the EnduraBase has composite molded hand holds. So, moving the hot tub is easier than ever. No more guessing as to where you should put your hands when you move a hot tub around. Not only does that make it easier to move, it makes moving the hot tub safer for both you and others.

If you’ve ever had a hot tubs and spa in the past, then you know the electrical set up wasn’t always easy. It could be complicated, confusing, and the kind of frustrating experience that makes one wonder why they bought a hot tub in the first place. The people at Bullfrog understand that. That’s why they made their spa line as convenient as possible. These hot tubs have what are called “electrical chase-ways.” That makes setting up the hot tub electrically far easier than it was with hot tubs in the past. The ease also extends to the drains; as Bullfrog spas also have an external drain that’s easily accessible.

STIL Modern Hot Tubs

“STIL Modern Hot Tubs” truly put the “modern” in hot tub design. These hot tubs and spas have a cutting edge design and look that seems like something that was science fiction only a few short years ago. Even with all their space age décor, they represent a truly new and radical concept in holistic wellness. These hot tubs are the combination of modern and perfect. In fact, these hot tubs can be customized to your exact needs as a hot tub user. The massage in these hot tubs can be bio-engineered. That means, it can provide you with utterly customized and individualized therapy, to meet your exact needs.

There’s a STIL modern hot tubs and spa for everyone. The STIL7 combines maximum comfort and utility for a hot tub that’s perfect for families, parties, groups, and anyone else who wants an out of this world hot tub experience. The STIL7 is so big, it has two dedicated lounges. On top of that, there are three JetPak massages. To add even more, there’s an open-concept seating that’s totally flexible. So, you can actually recline in the spa if you want to. Imagine getting into a hot tub with your closest friends after a great party, then reclining to look up at the stars while you get a bio-engineered massage. It’s all possible.

By that same token, the STIL5 hot tubs and spa is perfect for singles, couples, indoors, the city, the roof – anyone who wants a great hot tub for a few folks. It has all the same benefits of the STIL7, only in a smaller package. You can still relax, recline, and kick back. California Hot Tubs of Santa Monica has many more Bullfrog Spas and hot tubs than these. You can find plenty more hot tubs there. There are more luxurious, top of the line models. By that same token, there is even an “X” line of hot tubs that are affordably priced. To see the incredible hot tubs and spa line that they offer, give them a call at (310)392-3063 or go to their site.