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Install A Hot Tub For A Private Spa Everyday


Nothing beats unwinding in a hot tub at the end of a long day. Even with California’s hot weather, your aching muscles from all that soul cycling will thank you for the relief of some hot water therapy.

California Hot Tubs Inc. has plenty of amazing deals up for grabs during Black Friday, making this an impulsive purchase could be on the cards. While people primarily prefer adding one in their backyard, you might have plans on installing the tub indoors.

Before you invest in a hot tub to fit in the interior, there are some simple yet important factors to keep in mind. Our helpful guide below will have your home prepared to enjoy a relaxing soak any time you like:

Hire A Professional

No matter where you’re placing it, never attempt to install an indoor hot tub on your own. Owing to the weight of the tub, the wiring, and the plumbing, it could get cumbersome. Let professionals handle it all.

Proper Flooring

There is no way to avoid water splashes on the floor of the room where your indoor hot tub is installed. Ensure that the floor isn’t made of wood, which can warp and decompose, nor use carpeting around the tub to avoid moisture retention and decay.

Instead, choose ceramic tiling with a matte or anti-slip finish that can sustain weight, won’t rot, and will prevent wet feet from slipping.

Check Plumbing

Even a ceramic tile floor with perfect installation can’t make water disappear. The space where your indoor hot tub is built must have at least one floor drain. Adding multiple drains is even better and can make emptying the tub a breeze when needed.

If you can’t fill your tub, you can’t use it. Accessing a water source is just as crucial as proper drainage. Get a price estimate from a local plumber if your hot tub does not already have the necessary plumbing installed.

Proper Accessibility

Although a hot tub may technically fit a room, you need to consider how much overall space you’ll need. To allow proper access to service members and you as the user, place the tub with ample room to approach.

Moisture Proof Walls

A hot tub can work up steam. Placing the tub indoors can turn your room into a humid environment, affecting the walls negatively. Try walls made of glass, cedar, or concrete, which make them less likely to decay.

Ask a specialist what further treatments you may apply to the walls to stop mold or sagging. You could install a vapor barrier that moisture proofs your wall studs and guards them against dry rot.

Install Fans

A humid and sweltering indoor hot tub room might result from the combination of heat and water. While that’s pleasant in moderation, you’ll want to control the room’s temperature with fans.

Adding an exhaust fan to suck out the moisture in the air or a ceiling fan to add circulation works wonders in making the enclosed room breathable and comfy.

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