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Hot Tubs for Sale in Los Angeles: Delivery and Installation


We know that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hot tubs for sale in Los Angeles.  It can feel like there are thousands of stores around offering them, to say nothing of the available options online. However, there’s more to bringing a hot tub into your life than just buying the hot tub. Here at CA Hot Tubs, we have plenty of great hot tub options for you. You can find the hot tub that you’re looking for at our location. Additionally, we can help with the delivery and installation as well. In this blog, we’ll go over some factors to keep in mind throughout the process.

Electric Hot Tubs for Sale in Los Angeles

Over the years, we’ve found that there are certain things that our customers like to ask us. They want to know how warm the hot tub gets, how long they should sit in it, and so forth. We’ve been getting asked more and more about the electrical options. You can plug your hot tub in and run it off of electricity. This is an option more people are turning to than ever before. As you might imagine, there are plenty of options available here, too. You can get 220 volt wiring as well as 110 volt wiring (as of this writing). Some situations will be better with one option over the other. As ever, if you have any questions about hot tubs, feel free to call us or stop by the showroom. We’re always glad to answer these questions.

Hot Tub Foundation

The foundation of a hot tub is important, too. These aren’t like other kinds of pools, where you can essentially put them wherever. Due to the heat and other factors, it can matter what’s beneath them. Some hot tubs will do better over some materials than others might. Typically, we tell customers that their hot tubs can go over concrete, pea gravel and pavers. Most customers assume that, as those are hardy materials. Often, they’re surprised to learn that hot tubs can also go over wood, plastic, and even in some cases, grass. That being said, before you put your hot tub in the grass, talk to us. Planning things out ahead of time is better than trying to fix things after they’ve happened.

Hot Tub Delivery Process

That’s true in hot delivering hot tubs as well. One of the best things you can do to make your hot tub delivery process easy is to clear the path from the road to where you want your hot tub to be. The fewer obstructions or obstacles there are in the way, the easier the process will be on everyone. This might even be the kind of thing you have to look at for a minute. You may consider walking from the road to where you want the hot tub to be so that you can see everything that could potentially make the process that much more difficult.


When we say “obstructions,” we don’t just mean worn spots in the grass, your children’s toys or that kind of thing. We’re talking about things that might be much more permanent: gas meters that protrude from the side of the home, water meters, A/C units, or even overhanging tree limbs. If you can’t move these things, or find a way around them, it may be necessary to remove part of a gate or fence, just so that there’s a clear enough path. Many want a hot tub to be taken up a set of stairs. A good rule of thumb here: count how many stairs there are before a landing. If there’s more than six stairs, consider another way in.

Another thing to check for is if the spa has to be taken off of a dolly to go over a wall. When that’s the case, we recommend renting a crane. That can sound like an exorbitant amount of money, but in our modern day, the prices are not that bad. For example, renting a crane can start with a price as low as $300. While that’s not a tiny amount of money, it’s better than fighting all day to deliver the hot tub. At the end of the day, renting a crane is typically considered the safest, most hassle-free way to deliver a hot tub.

The process of getting the right hot tub to your location doesn’t have to be arduous. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply go to our site and figure out which hot tub you’d like. Or, you can come into our show room and we’ll help you find the right one. Then, we’ll sit down with you to figure out the right power source, delivery options, and more. You can call us at (310) 392-3063.