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Get the Perfect Fit with the Best Hot Tub Dealer Near Me


California can become incredibly hot, and you need to find a way to call down or relax. The obvious choice is to select a hot tub for your backyard. Most homes in California have a pool, and adding a hot tub should be no drama at all. However, you may be asking yourself “how can I find the best hot tub dealer near me? Well, the answer is easy. California Hot Tubs Inc. has been operating in the Santa Monica area for more than 30 years, and we are a well-known hot tub and spa dealer in the Los Angeles area.

The Best Hot Tub Dealer Near You

There is a reason why we are the sole hot tub in Los Angeles area that can personalize your hot tubs, in order to make your spa or hot tub feel unique. We can accommodate your particular physical needs, and make sure that your hot tub meets your stated price range. We will work with you to find the perfect hot tub for your home, so that you can enjoy relaxing with friends, and be certain that you haven’t blown your budget. Things can never be so comfortable as when you know that you are in the black.

Experience You Can Trust

We have been working in Los Angeles since the early 1980’s, and our hallmark is our genuine customer service. When you come to visit our store in Santa Monica, we won’t use sales representatives on commission to push you into buying a tub from us. Instead, we are able to give you low-pressure sales but fantastic pricing, which is enough of an incentive for many of our customers. 2018 will see us launch a new inventory of fantastic hot tubs for our Los Angeles customers.

Come To Us for Quality and Reliability

There is a reason why we are so trusted by our customers, and that is that we have the experience and professionalism to give you full reliability on our hot tubs. We are number one when it comes to customer sales and service reliability, with over 2000 hot tub customers happy with our products. Next time you ask yourself “which hot tub dealer near me will be the best in the Santa Monica region”, just call us on (310) 392-3063.