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Enjoy Luxury And Energy Efficiency With Bullfrog Hot Tubs


When you are trying to find the perfect hot tub, there are a number of things that you might want to consider. You might be thinking about essential such as the number of different buttons and settings on the tub, or you might be more concerned with finding a hot tub that is energy-efficient. If you want to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub, without wasting money or losing hundreds of dollars, then you might want to look at the range of Bullfrog hot tubs available in Los Angeles.

Bulldog Spas And Energy Efficiency

If you are really interested in finding suitable hot tubs in your area that are also energy efficient, then Bulldog might be able to satisfy all of your needs. Not only are they the leaders in energy efficiency, but they are also at or close to the top of every energy rating. The main reason for this is that the tubs are built rather differently from almost any other type of spa. Their design means that they use much less plumbing than similar-sized tubs. and they have a patented jet system which is designed to create the heat in your tub more efficiently. The plumbing is located inside the tub, meaning that less heat is lost.

Insulation And Protection

In addition to a great design which reduces a loss of water temperature, the tubs themselves are also insulated, including underneath the shell of the spa. The technology uses this insulation, plus heat from the tub equipment to keep the hot tub at the right temperature without excessively increasing your energy bills. This makes them perfect for use in warmer climates, and in particular in the temperate area of LA, where the natural warmth of the atmosphere helps to reduce your water-heating costs.

Find The Ideal Hot Tub With Us

If you are looking for the perfect bullfrog hot tub for your garden or backyard, and still want to keep one eye on your energy bills, then our range of Bullfrog hot tubs could be the perfect solution to your needs. Let us help you with any questions you may have about our tub options, and come to our showroom to view the spas for yourself. At California Hot Tubs Inc, our experienced staff will help you choose the perfect tub for your needs. For help, or to start asking questions, call us on 310-392-3064 today.