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Date Night: Plan a Romantic Hot Tub Encounter


hot tub provides a sensual setting for a close encounter. Some planning and a few accessories can turn it into a romantic experience to remember.

Surprise your partner by placing a photo of yourself in the hot tub on his bed when he comes home, and he won’t need a second invitation to join you. Perhaps you could send him or her a few texts during the day, hinting at what’s to come and building up expectations.

Plan for comfort

Think about all the things that could make the experience more comfortable and luxurious. Keep soft towels, robes and slippers close at hand. For an extra romantic touch, sprinkle some rose petals around the tub.

Plan the lighting

You could get in the tub before it gets dark and watch the sunset together. In this case, you can turn on soft lighting later or light some candles when it gets dark for a more romantic atmosphere. Some hot tubs have customizable lighting features to create the mood.

Plan the sound

Music can go a long way to enhance the mood. Make a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs that will help to create the right mood.

Plan the refreshments

Some of the best drinks for a hot-tub encounter are sparkling water, blended drinks and fruit juices over ice. Go easy on the alcohol while in the hot tub because it can be dehydrating – rather save it for afterward. It’s also best not to use your favorite crystal stemware while drinking in the hot tub.  

Set out some snacks, such as grapes, strawberries, and melons. They all have high water content, so it’s refreshing to eat them while relaxing in a hot tub. Easy-to-nibble appetizers are another option. Save the real meal for later.

Plan a sensual aroma

Certain scents delight you and enrich your experience. Don’t try putting essential oils into the tub itself. There are many fragranced products that can up the romance factor when placed near the tub. An incense stick or a tub of fragrant flowers may be enough to create a pleasant, sensual aroma.

Plan a relaxing rub

You can massage away all the stress of the day from your partner’s body, relax together and see where the night takes you. Using a non-water-based lubricant for your massage is probably better as it will help to reduce residue in the tub.

Plan some water games

You may want to use some chocolate paints or other items like this to add some fun and excitement to the occasion.  You could even do a sensuous water show for your partner, pouring water over your body to draw attention to all the right places. He will enjoy watching the water trickling over your curves.

When you’re in the water, your body is light and slippery, making foreplay much easier.  For intercourse itself, your vital parts should be out of the water so you may need to get creative with your positions.

With just a little planning, you can create some romantic moments, far from the stresses of daily existence, and make some memories that will last forever.