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Comparing Features of Top Spas for Sale in Los Angeles:  Bullfrog, Jacuzzi, Sundance, Hotsprings, Etc.


Taking a relaxing hot spa is a pleasure worth living. And if you have the privilege of having one in your own home, that’s something you need to take full advantage of. If you’re lucky enough to do so, comparing features of #1 providing bullfrog spas for sale is in your best interest. Not every one of them is alike, and you can have a spa that not only gives you lots of satisfactions but also fits you home’s style. 

Bullfrog Spas are Top-Quality hot tubs that give a special treatment to your body’s achs. They feature JetPak Therapy System, a patented technology that provides both amazing hydromassage options and energy efficiency, while using less chlorinel. These spas can be customized to fit your particular needs and home style. You get an incredible addition that enhances your home and at the same times gives you great health benefits with little energy cost.  In fact the California Energy Commision rated Bullfrog spas # 1, using only $11.81 in electricity per month, keeping the heat on 24/7.

Bullfrog and Viking Spas for Sale at California Hot Tubs

California Hot Tubs has a wide variety of top bullfrog spas for sale. The Bullfrog STIL is an elegant and modern hot tub designed in Italy and manufactured in the USA that features two lounge seats you can enjoy. On the other hand, the Bullfrog A Series has a JetPak Therapy System installed in all its premium seat locations. This gives you a better level of customization as it also enables to add upgrades like extra jetpacks and jet controls, more waterfalls, outside lighting, digital control pad among others. The Bullfrog R Series are high-end Bullfrog Spas built with the same standards as A Series but at a lower price range. Just like the A series, it includes the JetPak Therapy System with custom JetPaks in several seats. Our Bullfrog X Series features a more efficient plumbing and hosing system than conventional spas. This makes it save more energy while you have a more powerful hot tub. It doesn’t feature interchangeable Jetpaks, but has the option for lighted underwater jets.

High-Quality Bullfrog Hot Tubs for You

Having a hot tub is not only a great luxury but also, an incredible enhancer of both your home and lifestyle. You can get amazing relaxation and both a better physical and mental health while saving energy and improving the value of your property. California Hot Tub, Inc knows that because we have the top bullfrog spas for sale in the Santa Monica area. We’ve been selling them since the mid-80’s and are the only ones offering hot tubs and spas personalized  for each client’s physical needs and budget. 

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