2018 Showroom Floor Sale

The 2018 showroom floor sale is upon us! This is one of our yearly highlights at our California Hot Tubs location. You can tell a lot about a hot tub when you see it online. However, you can tell so much more about it when you see it on the showroom floor. As great as the pics are online, it’s not the same as touching it. It’s certainly not the same as seeing a hot tub with your own eyes. That makes it so much easier to visualize where a hot tub for you should go. In this blog, we’ll go over what kinds of hot tubs you may see in our sale, as well as some other reasons that this is the place to come for your hot tubs.

About our 2018 Showroom Floor Sale

There’s nothing like talking to someone who’s about to buy a hot tub. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. There’s a joy in buying a hot tub – in the sense that you’re going to have all that relaxation and fun ahead of you. No one’s ever unhappy to buy a hot tub or Jacuzzi, after all. When you have a new hot tub, it’s a great activity for the whole family, or couples in love, or just to entertain family and friends. Buying a new hot tub is an occasion for a party, as well as a reason (or really, excuse) for a party for   long time after. So, we’re always glad to talk to people who are on the verge of buying a hot tub. They’re always in a good mood.

What You Can Expect on Our Showroom

It’s important to point out that the hot tubs you see on our showroom floor are the hot tubs we offer. We aren’t one of those places who show you one hot tub on the floor and then, after you make the purchase, we end up giving you an interior model. What you see on the showroom floor is what you get. We’re proud to show off the hot tubs we have on the showroom floor. There, you can see our hot tubs in their complete glory. Run your hand in the water, take a picture with your phone, and then imagine and dream what they’ll look like on your property.

Best Deals of the Year

2018 as a year is winding down. November’s almost done and December will be here soon. So, next year’s models of hot tubs will soon be here. That’s part of the reason that our showroom sale has such great deals. These 2018 hot tubs are priced to move. They have all the accoutrements, all the best add-ons and so forth, and during this particular sale, you can get them for the best deal. There’s no better time to buy a hot tub. After all, we live in southern California. You don’t exactly have to wait around for the spring and summer for warm temperatures. You can buy a hot tub off of our showroom floor today and then be relaxing in it tomorrow.

A Showroom for Everyone

If you’ve ever been on a showroom floor for hot tubs, cars or anything else, you know it can be a little bit hectic. You may have had to deal with salespeople who have to make a quota pressuring you to make a purchase today today today now now now. We can’t stand that kind of thing. You won’t have to deal with anything like it on our showroom floor. That’s why we don’t employ commissioned sales representatives. So, when you’re on our showroom floor, take your time. Take a walk around. Take it all in. You move at your schedule. There’s not going to be anyone pestering you all the time, putting some kind of anxiety-inducing sales rap on you or anything like that. You move at your pace. That being said, if you have any questions, our representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Parking is easy at our showroom. You can find free parking in the lot adjoining the building. We’ve been doing this for three decades. In that time, hot tub technology has come so, so far. The hot tubs we’re selling now would’ve seemed like something out of science fiction when we started. That being said, there are many more types of hot tubs for different types of people than before.  It’s natural to be interested in hot tubs, come down to our showroom floor sale, only to realize that you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Our reps are glad to help. Then can sit down with you and help you to figure out exactly what the perfect hot tub is for what you’re looking for. For more info, call us at (310) 392-3063 or head to our site.