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Are Hot Tub Good for Kids?


Who doesn’t enjoy a hot tub experience?  It’s a great way for mom and dad to have some alone time, or for family bonding time, by enjoying the experience together.  Although hot tub can provide a relaxing experience, they can be a danger to children who do not have adult supervision.

Children are also more susceptible to heat because they overheat more quickly than adults. The possibility of drowning also exists, so it is very important that a child is not only old enough, but that they are also educated on the safety precautions when using the hot tub.

Safety precautions

A child with long hair should be advised to tie their hair up. Long hair can get either sucked or entangled into the suction fitting that covers the drain, or into the grate. This is where the danger of drowning is very real. Children should always be supervised when using the hot tub. To prevent a child from using the hot tub without supervision, it is best to keep the hot tubs covered. A professional should be called in on a regular basis to ensure safety precautions are in place, and that the hot tub is in good working condition.

For additional safety, a small lock-up gate can be placed around the tub, to ensure no use without permission.  Make a list of “hot tubs family rules” that everyone adheres to.

Benefits of hot tub

Due to the fact that a hot tub experience is very relaxing, children are inclined to have a better night sleep after a soak. Sporty children may benefit from the pain-relieving benefits of a hot tub, as it also promotes muscle relaxation, and circulation. Even children experience stress. There is more pressure on kids today, with social media, homework, sports, and competitiveness. Adolescence is stressful on most kids because along with normal daily stresses, their bodies are changing too.

Family bonding time

A hot tub brings families together. This is a wonderful and relaxing place to come together as a family. Due to relaxation, conversations flow with ease, providing a wonderful space for the family to reconnect. There is no better time with family than quality relaxation time.

Social Media Break

In this day and age, trying to get a child’s full attention is near impossible. What, with all the gadgets and devices that monopolize their attention span. Since they are immersed in water, the devices have to get put down. This leads to disconnecting them from the online world and reconnecting them to the real world again.

The best part of all

Owning a hot tub can make your house the place to be! Your children’s friends will want to come over. You will know where your child is, and who they are with. This will also teach them responsibility, and what it means to be a good host.  Hot tubs California brings families and friends together.

As the sun sets, grab the family, and hit the hot tub. What a fine way to end the day…