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6 Hot Tub Games For Kids: Recommended West Hollywood Hot Tub Dealers


After a hectic day at work, all you can dream of is a relaxing spa time in your hot tub, enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. If you are looking for a romantic at-home date idea, hot tubs again come to mind. Dim the lights, take out the champagne, light up a few scented candles to set up the mood, and invite your partner. Like adults, kids also love hanging out in the hot tubs with family or friends!

In today’s blog post, the renowned hot tub dealers from West Hollywood will suggest a few exciting games to enjoy with the kids in the hot tub! Are you ready to turn up the fun in your backyard? Do you want to ensure your child has a blast in the hot tub? Read on!

Battle Ducks

All you need are two floating rubber ducks to enjoy this game with your kids. Divide the kids into two teams and give one duck to each team. The kids have to use the duck to touch someone from the opposing team before the other team’s duck touches one of them. The twist is that they have to use only water, air and jets, to aim the duck at the other team’s players.


Bring two plastic cups for the game of submarine. Here’s how you play it- one of the cups is placed in water and filled with enough water that it remains upright. The other cup is passed around. Each kid will take turns filling water into the main cup such that the cup does not sink. The kid who sinks the cup is out of the game. Repeat until only one kid remains.

Ping Pong Outbreak

Put five or six ping pong balls in your hot tub. The kids must not get touched by any of those balls. They will have to move around in the hot tub to avoid getting touched. The fun part is that their feet must touch the bottom of the hot tub. You can make it even more fun by throwing another ball in the tub each time a kid gets out of the game.

Cold Shower

Take a balloon and fill it with ice water. All the kids have to sit around the hot tub’s edge. The balloon has to be passed around. Each kid has to hold the balloon above their head for five seconds. The kids over whom the balloon pops get a cold shower.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Keep sets of waterproof playing cards at home, like waterproof UNO, go fish, and gin rummy, for game nights in the hot tubs with the kids! A floating mat is another useful purchase if you want to enjoy a game of chess or checkers.

Hot tub dealers in West Hollywood may have some of these games.

Pass The Bottle

This one is quite fun, too. And a filled plastic water bottle is what you need. The bottle has to be passed around without the use of hands. Use other body parts like elbows and knees for moving the bottle.

Enjoy these simple, fun games with the kids in the hot tub!

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