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4 Quick and Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Tips


For every hot tub owner, his tub is a luxury. Why shouldn’t it be? Soaking in the hot tub, after juggling through busy schedules, takes away your stress and enhances health. It’s something that you can enjoy routinely whenever you’re alone or craving for some family time.

Though hot tubs are fun, some people worry about its maintenance. For them, keeping their hot tubs in perfect condition is tedious – which is not the case at all. All you need to perform is some easy and swift maintenance tasks now and then. Not only keeping your hot tub maintained increases your soaking enjoyment but also adds years to its life. 

The following quick points will help you maintain your hot tub within a few minutes.

Sanitize Regularly

It’s essential to keep your tub properly sanitized to prevent unwanted contaminants. Generally, granular chlorine or bromine is used to accomplish the task. Which one you should choose is entirely dependent on the water chemistry of your place and how you use your spa. To maintain the sanitizer levels periodically check with a test strip that the levels are within the adequate limit and accordingly add sanitizer. Also, it is recommended to weekly oxidize your tub to remove hair sprays, oils, and other substances.

Keep Filters Clean

Depending on the usage, you must clean your hot tub’s filters once a month to keep it in good condition. This can be done easily by removing the filters and spraying them off with a nozzle or hose or other high-pressure water streams. Move from top to bottom while working on each pleat. In case, you notice accumulated oils from normal body oils or suntan lotions, soak the filters in warm water and use an approved cleaning agent for spraying.

Drain and Refill

It’s normal for some oils, chemicals, and residues to get accumulated. Even with regular chemical use, you can’t keep your hot tub water clean for long. That’s why it is recommended to drain the water every three months or so, depending on how often do your use. 

Don’t forget to cover

Hot tub cover is the most essential accessories that you must not forget to invest in. Besides keeping heat in and debris out, a hot tub cover provides safety. Also, it improves the lifespan of your tub by keeping it clean. 

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