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3 Really Creative Ways of Re-purposing Your Old Hot Tubs


stil bullfrog spa tub los angeles

In-home hot tubs are great. You can have as many relaxing and rejuvenating spa sessions as you want anytime at the convenience of your space without having to worry about the lockdown. However, just like everything else in life, even your hot tub has a limited lifetime that will eventually run out of its course. After four to five years, most of the hot tubs usually stop functioning correctly, and their maintenance costs begin to outpace their benefits. In case you have already decided on one of the new CA Hot Tubs and cannot determine what to do with your old one, here are a few creative ideas to make the best use of it. 

Kids Playbox

If you have kids, you will know that there can never be enough space for their play. Be it your expensive couch, your walk-in closet, or even your bathroom tub- everything is their playground. Turning your old hot tub into a game territory to claim might be the best gift for your kids. You can place it on the ground by digging a deep hole and planting the hot tub flush well into it. Additionally, you can leave them as it is on your deck or terrace for your kids to play in. Just make sure that you smoothen every rough and sharp edge along with the tub and remove any protruding fixture to protect your children against any harm. 

Mini Garden

Got a backyard? We have a decor idea for you. After stripping down the spa and removing every water fitting from the tub, you can set at a preferable spot on the ground. With a sturdy and appropriate drill, create holes throughout the tub’s body for drainage and ventilation. You can even create a boundary along the line of the tub with gravel, stones, or even wood. Fill it with mud, seed your favorite flowery plants and watch them grow into a beautiful garden. Make sure you place your tub in an area where they can get an ample amount of sunlight. 

Backyard Water Feature

The simplest, inexpensive, and minimal way to add a luxurious charm to your outdoor garden is to turn your old hot tub into a water pond. Their shape, size, and depth add integrity to their look and ideal as an additional garden feature. Plan a spot for your tub and surround it with a line of rocks with eclectic lumber such as cedar or redwood. Line the tub and allow it to overlap and completely hide the tub. Add some selective variety of fishes, plants and maybe even install a waterfall if you like by its side. You can even add lights for your very personal water show.

You don’t always have to sell your old tub when you get a new one if you don’t feel like it. In case you are looking to install a new stil bullfrog spa tub and cannot find a reliable dealer, we, at California Hot Tubs, might be able to help you. Dial (310)-392-3063 or visit our online showroom today.