Bullfrog STIL Series Hot Tubs

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Bullfrog STIL5 Custom Hot TubBullfrog Hot Tubs has developed a unique and innovative approach to their hot tub design. They have based their newest line of Bullfrog STIL  on a new concept that combines holistic wellness and modern design.  Bullfrog specially bio-engineered the soothing jets from your customized hot tub to give you a personalized therapy session. In addition to your giving you this personalized massage therapy treatment, we create each detail to appeal to the refined tastes of today’s hot tub owners. Our customers agree- there are no other luxury spas like our custom STIL. Bullfrog Hot Tubs are Italian-designed and are one of the few hot tub brands still manufactured in the USA. In fact, Bullfrog has earned the iF Design Award for their outstanding excellence in hot tub design. If you’re looking for a luxury hot tub, this is it.


The Bullfrog STIL line of hot tubs comes in multiple tiers to offer solutions for every luxury spa owner. No matter what you’re looking for from your hot tub, you’ll find it in the STIL line of luxury spas. Each STIL hot tub uses their advanced JetPak Therapy System. These custom JetPaks use advanced hydrotherapy technology, which we customize just for you. With our JetPack hot tub system, YOU choose your favorite massage, YOU choose the intensity that feels right for you, and YOU choose your favorite seat to install your JetPak system.


The STIL5 Series Spas

Bullfrog based their inspiration for the STIL5 luxury hot tub from functional modern designs.  The hot tub uses a custom space-conscious layout that works perfectly for indoor use, or urban environments with less room. Bullfrog has engineered the angle of recline to offer a variety of positions you can relax in. You’ll fall in love Bullfrog’s unique open design concept and will agree that is more comfortable than any other compact spa around.


At only 5’8“x7’x31”, this spa fits into almost anywhere you want a luxury spa. With three of Bullfrog’s bio-engineered JetPak massages, you’ll enjoy the comfort and joy of your luxury hot tub.  Whether you experience your luxury hot tub by yourself,or with friends, your Bullfrog STIL hot tub is perfect. In addition to three custom JetPaks, Bullfrog compact spa is spacious enough to fit four people.  With comfort, compactness, functionality, and modern design rolled into one luxurious hot tub, you can see that there is no other spa that compares to the STIL 5 series of Bullfrog luxury spas!



The STIL7 Luxury Hot Tub

Bullfrog STIL7 Luxury Hot TubBullfrog has designed the STIL 7 hot tub series for extra comfort and flexibility. With the STIL7 luxury hot tub series, you’ll have even more space to spread out or host friends. Bullfrog designed the STIL7 with a unique and stunning modern design unlike any other spas. The unique look of the STIL 7 luxury spa ensures that is a perfect fit with anyone’s patio design.


The STIL7 series of hot tubs use the unique JetPak Massages that Bullfrog designed to offer comfort and relief to your aches and pains. This luxury hot tub features a specialized layout that uses custom dual-lounge seating to maximize your spa seating space. With the STIL 7 series of luxury hot tubs, you relax the way you want- you can enjoy each seat in this luxury hot tub sitting upright, or rest at an incline.


The extra large 7’4“x7’x34” spa seats up to 6 guests, so you can enjoy a hot tub party! Or, if you prefer relaxing alone, the extra space of the hot tub allows for the ultimate in relaxation.  This hot tub is even large enough for aquatic exercise! Plus, the elegant design of the STIL7 luxury spa will ensure that everyone, including you, will love the look of your new patio.



Design The Hot Tub You Want

With nearly endless customization options available on both Bullfrog STIL lines of hot tubs, you can easily design the exact hot tub of your dreams. And the best place to buy, customize, and install your hot tub is here at California Hot Tubs.


Click or call today to discuss all of the options available to you, or stop by our store in Santa Monica today to see why California Hot Tubs is the #1 luxury spa and hot tub dealer in Southern California!  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. With California Hot Tubs, and Bullfrog STIL luxury hot tubs, your path to relaxation and good times is closer than ever.